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Seven Colours Spa


The Seven Colours Spa aims to represent all life-giving elements in nature and tries to encapsulate their capacity to heal the body and mind. They do this by creating a highly charged energetic ambience with numerous sensory elements such as light, colour, touch and fragrances. These elements charge the atmosphere with positive vibrations and focus the energy around in the body, meaning the treatments administered have a long lasting effect.

The treatments employed at Seven Colours are inspired by the wisdom of ancient healing techniques, combined with the Mauritian culture of caring and affection. The two overarching principles are the power of touch and devoted attention, allowing guests to find their own deep state of inner harmony. The benefits of naturally occurring plant life, aromatherapy and the energetic application thereof are designed to enhance the individual's personal preferences and requirements to create an experience that is holistic and encompassing.

Additionally they encourage you to shift towards a healthier lifestyle. You can participate in educational programmes where patrons take the curative benefits of wellbeing into the broader context of their lives to encourage health and self nurturing. This philosophy awakens consciousness by harmonizing body, mind and energy, thus creating awareness of wellness.