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Bluebay Hotels


The  Bluebay Hotels offer a wide range of accommodations , ranging from the exotic Beyt al Chai to the family friendly Sultan sands. All of the hotels, however , offer gorgeous sea views and are situated on the warm Zanzibar beaches.  The facilities offered are similarly extensive from activities in the water to adventurous excursions to nearby towns and villages where guests can immerse themselves in local culture and tradition. One facility stands somewhat above the rest though. The Oasis Spa is a delightful spa of an international standard where Mothers can go to escape, Businesswomen go to unwind and holiday makers come to find peace and relaxation.

The Oasis spa reflects the spirit of Bluebay Hotels and is in complete harmony with nature and the natural environment.  It is an unobtrusive little building with a wooden deck and thatched roof with palms growing right through the spa itself. It prides itself in the abundance of natural flowers surrounding it and the setting itself is without a doubt , tranquil and restorative.  The products and services used by the Oasis spa are all natural ensuring that toxins are replaced with nourishing nutrients.